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Legal Documents prepared in the Inland Empire

​For anyone who has had to go to court for any reason, whether you've pressed charges, faced charges, filed bankruptcy or filed a divorce, it's a known fact that document preparation plays a vital role in the whole legal process. Legal documents need to be properly prepared, and not knowing who to turn to for legal document preparation services can end up costing you a lot, both in finances and legal implications. 

Previously, court document preparation was taken care of only by lawyers and law offices. Problem is, having your legal documentation prepared by attorneys can be rather expensive. If you're looking for assistance with legal documentation anywhere in, or near Riverside, San Bernardino, Upland, Anaheim, or Los Angeles  and/or would want to speak to an attorney about your legal issues, you've come to the right place!

Affordable Document Services (ADS) is the name you can trust for efficient, dependable, and affordable legal document services. We provide professional document preparation services at very affordable rates and assist clients throughout the whole process. We file the documents in court, and can even refer you to an experienced attorney if you feel the need to seek legal counsel. Here at ADS, we take our work seriously because we know that the outcome of the work we do can have a huge impact in our clients' lives.

We provide affordable legal document preparation services for all sorts of legal procedures like divorce, unlawful detainer, criminal cases, civil cases and more. We can also refer you to our highly competent, aggressive attorneys who can guide you in the right direction with your legal issues to the best of their abilities. 

Visit us today at 3600 Lime Street, Suite 312, Riverside, CA 92501, U.S.A. or call us at         (951) 682-8523 so we can assist you with your legal documentation needs as soon as possible.

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