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Family Law

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For many people who are going through divorce, the legal process only adds to their level of stress. Lawyers, who receive large up-front retainers, often earn more money when there is conflict in divorce. An attorney is an advocate who looks at one side of a case and pushes that side’s interests.

At ADS Services, we help you keep the conflict out of divorce by taking the lawyer out of the negotiations. We are a first-of-its-kind family law facility that helps do-it-yourselfers handle their own divorces. Saving You Time, Money and Stress.
Because we will take care of the details, you can be assured that your legal documents will be prepared accurately and will meet all of the requirements of California law. ADS Services uses experienced, trained professionals to assess all of the issues that may be a part of your divorce, including:

* Child custody and visitation
* Child support
* Spousal support
* Restraining orders/Move-away orders
* Division of marital property

ADS Services is designed for people who are willing to seek an uncontested or negotiated divorce settlement and simply need assistance with the legal forms and process.